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  • Product characteristics:

    Horizontal liquid silicone RIM:

    1. Equipped with German leading LSR dosing and feeding system Reinhardt-Technik.

    2. The dosing and feeding process are controlled by gas pressure and valves, resulting 0.2-0.3% precision rate.

    3. Automatic cut-off when the drums are empty for less material wastage and extended machine service life.

    4. Direct hydraulic clamping mechanism design, closed-loop control of clamping force, high precision control of clamping position.

    5. Single injection cylinder guarantees precision control of injection volume and pressure.


    Vertical liquid silicone RIM:

    1. Adopting servo-driven motor plunger and high pressure oil pump as the machine's power source that enable to achieve energy-saving, water-saving and cost-saving;

    2. S98 Smart B&R control system and the world famous brand electrical components, effectively guarantee little fault of the electrical parts; 10.4-inch color display, friendly man-machine interface;

    3. We can access instant working conditions and production data of RIM whenever and wherever via iSee Mobile Apps;

    4. The metering device can be continuously measured and able to adapt to the requirements of different products on rubber injection volume;

    5. Imported high-quality static mixer to ensure an even mixture of material A and B;

    6. Gas pressure supply the power to material dosing and metering that guarantee clean and hygienic working condition;

    7. The standard ammeter with intuitive feeling and energy-saving benefits.

    8. The Ethernet interface realize remote VNC control functions and maintenance procedures.

    9. CE standard certificate on all range of DEKUMA rubber injection machines guarantee safety and reliability.

  • Application:

    Electronic and electrical industry,medical care,infant care,auto parts and sports industry.
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    Horizontal liquid silicone RIM:


    Vertical liquid silicone RIM:

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