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  • Product characteristics:

    1. Energy-saving, Low operation cost

        The output of Servo-driven system is completely based on the required pressure and flow of machine, eliminating the reactive power consumption, and only 60% of electricity consumption compared with equal proportional pressure & flow control method, which obviously reduce the cost of electricity and can save 50 kWh /day.


    2.  Powerful data managing function

        The key production parameter can be saved, and production quality can be controlled.

        Production record, parameter correction and mould parameter can be saved or downloaded by USB.


    3. Fewer workers and less space occupation

        Two sets of mould can be worked simultaneously on the press, and its space occupation is only 70% of two single station presses.


    4. High precision

        Adopting high precision pressure encoder, servo motor, and during working period, the pressure and flow are    real – time comparison, high precision control, and injection volume repeatability precision can reach 0.5 g.

        Adopting cylinder latch to limit the mould position accurately, which guarantee the correct position line of upper and lower moulds during mould exchanging.


    5. The hydraulic cylinder can achieve left and right mould exchange, and adopting specialized guided steel strip as friction surface, stable, reliable and enduring.


    6. Swift dynamic response

        High performance pump with servo synchronic motor, fast response, short deceleration distance, which enhances the speed and stability.


    7. Lower noise

        Creating a quiet environment for you even in the condition of high pressure clamping and injection.


    8. Cooling water saving

        The hydraulic system eliminates the reactive power, requires less heating, no cooling water required for oil tank, and the temperature of oil tank is lower than 55℃ during machine continuously working.


    9. Safety and reliability

        CE certificate upon all range of DKM-R series Rubber Injection Machine.

  • Application:

     DKM-RC series is suitable for the production of raw material like NR, NBR, EPDM, Isobutylene-Isoprene rubber, etc. The rubber products such as precise rubber seals, automotive corner joint, through its rubber injection molding technology are broadly applicable in automobile, electric power, civil industries, etc.

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