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  • Product characteristics:

    It mainly consists of the following units:

        1. DKM-EI60X33A Single Screw Extruder(For PE-RT Outer & Inner Layer)

        2. DKM-EI30X25A Single Screw Extruder(For EVOH Oxygen Resistance Layer)

        3. DKM-EI40X25A Single Screw Extruder(For Hot Melting Glue Layer)

        4. DKM-63 5-layer Co-extrusion Mould;

        5. DKM-EPD Special High Speed Calibrator

        6. DKM-EDJ Vacuum Calibration Tank

        7. DKM-ELQ Cooling Tank

        8. DKM-EQY High Speed Haul-Off Unit

        9. DKM-EJX High Speed Cutting Unit

        10. DKM-EPG High Speed Winder

  • Application:

    To produce Diameter from 16 to 32 (63) multi-layer PE-RT oxygen resistance floor warming pipes.
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